Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#28 Nerf Guns

#28 Nerf Guns

My boys are starting to get into nerf guns. If you don't have nerf guns I would recommend you get some. They are great birthday or holiday gifts, and there are so many different styles.

We love getting out the nerf guns, putting on the goggles, and having an all out war!

However, we really like having target practice contests! We have come up with all kinds of target practice games. Here are a few:
  • Lego People. The kids build some lego people, then we line them up and shoot them down. The place we like to line them up is on the edge of the door trim. Because when they get hit they have a long way to fall! You can also do this with army men.
  • Cover the window. We set a timer and see how many suction cup darts we can stick on a glass window in 60 seconds. It's intense!
  • Sneak Attack. One person tries to make it from the living room to the family room without getting hit by everyone else who is stationary. They can sneak their way behind chairs, couches or under tables.
Who's got some other target practice ideas?!


  1. We had a neighborhood Nerf gun battle. One of the boys had built a fort in his backyard and all the kids brought their guns to play. Add kool-aid, hot dogs from the grill, and popsicles, and it was a fun day for all.

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